Compliance Dashboard


The Dashboard

Our platform is designed to ease the administrative burden of HIPAA compliance by helping manage everything from business associate agreements to trainings.

The service also includes a complete set of policies and procedures, pre-defined tasks, and a set of compliance document templates!

Plus, our clients can enjoy peace of mind knowing they are covered by a $100,000 Cyber Assurance policy in the event of a breach.

What’s Included?

Policy & Procedure Tracking

The keystone of any successful compliance plan is the Policies & Procedures. It’s essential to have all of your documentation in one easy, accessible location. Always have an accurate snapshot of where you stand with each policy using our Policy & Procedure Tracking System.

The purchase of a license includes a set of Policies & Procedures generated by our experts to meet industry best practices. And they’re all yours!

Workforce Tracking

Use the Employee Tracker to keep tabs on who has access to sensitive information and who is responsible for which assets. You can also invite employees to create accounts within the platform. Employee accounts have read-only access and can never see sensitive information, like Risk Documentation.

Inviting employees allows you to meet compliance regulations that may require your employees to have access to regulatory documents.

Task Tracking & Reminders

Make sure you never forget to stay up to date on compliance with Task Tracking & Reminders. Generating tasks and assigning them to employees helps ensure that the responsible party doesn’t miss important steps to stay compliant.

Purchase of a license also includes a set pre-defined tasks to help you keep on track!

Asset Tracking

It’s important to keep records of which of your assets contain Personal Health Information (PHI), proof of encryption, and which member of your workforce is responsible for the assets. Our Asset Tracking allows you to keep records of your equipment, applications, and connections all in one convenient place.

Business Associate Tracking

Keep records of each of your Business Associates and Business Associate Agreements (BAAs). Never lose track of when an associate last signed an updated BAA and never forget where you’re keeping your copy of it. It’s all securely stored in the cloud and always accessible.

Much, Much More… 


Get started:

Keep all of your HIPAA paperwork neatly organized and securely backed up in the cloud.


$100,000 Cyber Assurance

Included with a subscription

Sleep easy knowing that you're covered by our $100,000 Cyber Assurance Policy when you sign up for our Advanced or Premium plans! Get in touch for more information.

Policies & Procedures, Tasks, and Compliance Document Templates

Included with a subscription

Purchase of a license gives you access to Policies & Procedures generated by our experts to meet industry best practices.

You also get pre-defined tasks included with our Task Reminders to help keep you on track.

And more! You automatically get compliance document templates to help jumpstart your compliance journey!


Perfect For:

  • LTAC hospitals

  • Skilled nursing facilities

  • Hospice

  • Pharmacies

  • Medical billing companies

  • Self insured companies and municipalities

  • Any entity handling protected healthcare information 

  • Medical Clinics

  • Dental Clinics

  • Home Health companies

  • Ambulatory surgery centers

  • Urgent care/ After hours care clinics

  • Pediatric Daycare facilities

  • Psychiatric services

  • Addiction recovery hospitals and outpatient facilities



Find the package that's right for you. 




  • Limited Dashboard

  • 1 Admin User

  • Activity Log

  • Policy Tracker

  • Compliance Documents Tracker



  • $100,000 Cyber Assurance Policy

  • Full Dashboard

  • 1 Admin User / License

  • 25 Employees / License

  • 25 Business Associate Agreements / License

  • Task Tracking & Reminders

  • Policy Tracker

  • Compliance Documents Tracker

  • Training Tracker

  • Risk Documents Tracker

  • Role Tracking

  • Activity Log

  • Compliance Checklist

  • Notifications

  • Training Reminders

  • Workforce, Asset & Training Tracking