Encrypting Your Devices

Encrypting computers and Apple devices can sound like a daunting and technically challenging task, but the reality is much simpler. Check out the steps below for encrypting an iOS or Windows 10 Pro device.

Encrypt an iPhone or iPad:

1.     Select the Settings app

2.     Select Touch ID & Passcode

3.     Select Turn Passcode On

4.     Enter a strong passcode. Remember the longer the passcode the more secure it is.

5.     Your iPhone or iPad is now encrypted!

Encrypt a Windows 10 PC.

1.     Go to settings and search “encryption”

encrypt 1.png


2.     Select “Change Device Encryption Settings”

encrypt 2.png

3.     Select “Turn on encryption”

encrypt 3.png

Remember, encryption needs to be documented in case of equipment theft. Without proof of encryption, the device is assumed to be unsecured and must be reported!

Andrew Craig